All our designs which are suitable for office application

Office desk steel frame​

Modern steel legs for office desks

T legs for training rooms desks and office tables


T-legs for training room tables


Modern design C-leg for desks

X-shape steel leg​

Modern steel legs in X-shape

U-shape steel leg

Modern steel legs in U-shape

Trapezoidal steel leg​

Modern steel legs in Trapezium shape

singe column steel leg for desks made from steel pipe with diameter 78 mm and welded heavy-duty metal plate with 8 holes

Singe steel column

Solid steel column for office applications

Solid T-leg

Solid steel T-legs for office application

Sloped inclined X shape metal table legs

Inclined X shape steel leg​

Modern sloped steel legs in X-shape

steel legs for tables and desks in X shape

X-shape steel leg​

Modern steel legs in X-shape

Double H steel leg

Double H steel legs for office desks

All steel bases and legs

All our products

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All our steel bases and legs have real pictures and all they are currently in our production list. Unfortunately we can not show you all our designs. If you have a specific needs or your own designs, please do not hesitate to send us your drawings or ideas and to request for a quotation. Almost all of our models can be hot dip galvanized for outdoor application.